How To Prevent Toddlers Injured by Dangerous Objects

Toddlers are full of different unique behaviors. They are very energetic and have no fear. They are prone to injuries by dangerous objects since they have no boundaries in their movements. Majority of kids between the ages of one and two years have high risk of getting injured. To reduce the risk, anyone who looks after the toddlers may feel tired when they give full attention to everything they touch and do.

In order to avoid the burden of toddlers getting injured, the following are some of the tips that any caregiver or parent may consider for the safety of their kids during playtime, inside and outside the house.

1. In the Bathroom
Toddlers like playing with water in whichever place it is. Therefore, when the toilet is not being used, put the lid down. This is also a method of avoiding calling a plumber all the time as a result of any breakdown caused by the toddler in the bathroom. You can also close the way to the bathroom when it is not in use to avoid trespassing by the toddler. Ensure that you drain the bathtub after you using it and keep medications away from the reach of the kids.


2. In the Bedroom
On the other hand, items like lamps, candles, area rugs, pictures and flower curtains are best for the decoration of the bedroom however, they can be very dangerous for the toddlers. The attention of the toddlers can be attracted by the table lamp placed on a tablecloth. They love light and they might be tempted to play with the table lamp. They may even pull the chair and stand on it in order to get in touch with the lamp and this may be very dangerous. Therefore, ensure that your bedroom is free from harmful objects or ensure that they are properly fixed together.

3. In the Family Room
You should often be alert with the toys and tiny objects in the family room. They may be sharp and this may cause injuries to the toddlers when they mishandle them. Ensure that access to the down and up stairs are secured properly. Always keep the electrical cords away from the toddlers and provide the outlet covers. In case you are using a carpet, ensure that there is no rolling or wrinkled part.



4. In the Kitchen
Since toddlers like joining other family members in the kitchen during mealtime or cooking, ensure that the handles of pot, pan, wok or kettle are turned away so that they cannot reach them. This is because they try to imitate and might be tempted to touch the handles of these equipment which might prick them or burn them if they are hot.


5. Outside the Home

There are many dangerous objects outside the home. Put all items to include those used for gardening, cleaning, and lawn care that could hurt toddler in a safe place and out of reach. Also protect toddlers from injuries from sharp household objects such as glass objects, nail, and other sharp utensils.



Generally, the above tips are very helpful and can prevent your toddler from getting injured by dangerous objects. Just bear it in your mind that the main task of the parent is to ensure safety of their toddlers. Just put yourself into the level of your toddlers’ eye and this will assist you see many things that they see. Do not assume any object around as safe unless you take a keen look at it to ensure that it is not dangerous. This will ensure proper safety of your baby at home even if you are not with him or her at a particular time.



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  1. innnayah says:

    i think i will being a ‘rempong’ mother when i have toddlers..someday..hahaha..

    But make you happy, my dear

  2. dWi (nining) says:

    Wuoooo…seems many objects at home are tempting them to reach one by one.
    And parents should be aware of this…

    You are right. Our children are amanah given by God

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