How to Write a Review of Product and Service

Reviews are one of the most common contents on the web. It offers an evaluation of a product or service and most often defines a company’s reliability, honesty, and integrity. Here is how to write a review of a product or service.
There are seven elements that must be in product or service review for it to be effective among other are the product or service description, buyer description, negatives, proofs, call-to-action, image or video, and a keyword phrase. Always remember that the merchants job is to sell the product or the service while your job as an affiliate is to pre-sell the item/product or service. The best product reviews assists the customer in making the right decision and ultimately buying the right product.


You can choose to write the review with more focus on the customer’s or visitors wants or needs, or you may decide to focus on the product itself. Either way, here is an explanation of the seven elements that must be present in your review.
1. Product description
Give a more detailed description of the product i.e. features, size, ordering process, expected results, benefits, package or delivery details, your specific results etc. Note that people are always chary of scams and the real value of the product. They always want to know what they can get or achieve if they ordered the product or service.
It is also important to add you experience or personal thoughts about the service or product. This will enable the review to relate all through the review.

Trust me

2. Buyer description
Who is this product meant for? And who is it NOT for? There is no single product that is fit for everybody so don’t make it look that way. You can achieve this by ensuring you give a clear description of the ideal buyer in a manner that the potential customer or reader can easily decide whether that is the right product or service he/she wants.
3. Proof
There are two main type of proof that you may need to add in your product or service review. A proof that you’ve truly reviewed the product yourself and that the product works. Bear in mind the fact that most people are skeptical of product or service reviews as they believe that the product review sites are biased on compensation or payment. You biggest challenge therefore is to convince them you have the product yourself and you’ve provided unbiased review.


You should also point out any NEGATIVES with the product/service or the ordering process. In addition, ensure that you review has an element of ‘CALL-TO-ACTION’. This tells the potential customer on what to do next. Also, you should make use of the KEYWORD PHRASE. All content you create on the web, reviews included should optimize the keyword phrase. This is important in attracting the ideal reader. You may also need to add an image or video of the product or service you are reviewing
In conclusion, knowinghow to write a review of a product or service involves understanding what the reader wants and engaging him or her in the review. Also note that writing a review is a skill that will improve over time and all you need to do is practice by regular reviewing different products or services.

How do you write a job review of a product or service? Please share your experience here.



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  1. Can’t agree more, pakdhe..Know your readers and be honest. I guess ,most of the time, that will be the biggest challenge in writing a review. That call-to-action part is important as well..sometimes we forget about it ๐Ÿ™‚

    I agree with you. But it depends on the tone that brand ask to the reviewer hahahah

  2. Innnayah says:

    I don’t have lot of experience in ‘job’ review. But..every finished read a book, i do review of that.

    I think, mostly blogger using hard selling in job review. Its annoying for reader, but may be hard selling is term from brands

    Soft selling much more better

  3. Fely says:

    Pagi, Dhe. Pagi-pagi nyimak postingannya yang kece badai.
    Sek sek, mau nanya, Pak Guru. *ngacung
    ‘CALL TO ACTION’ itu apa artinya, Dhe?
    Kesimpulan/rekomendasi si potential customer sebaiknya membeli produk/jasa itu atau tidak gitu, ya?

    Itu ajakan kepada pembaca untuk meresponse atas artikel kita dan membuka peluang untuk diskusi
    Dalam artikel bahasa Indonesia saya suka mengakhiri dengan Call to Action berupa pertanyaan :”Apakah sudah share artikel di media sosial. Silahkan share agar bermanfaat bagi pengunjung lainnya.”
    Dengan call to action respons pembaca akan tampil di kolom komentar misalnya:” Saya baru share di FB dan Twitter saja, Pakde.”

    • Ophi Ziadah says:

      waah yang ini baru ngeh saya pak de..(memmang job reviewnya msh minim sih)… tp penting juga yaa call to action respons ini

      Call to action tak harus pada artikel job review
      Pada artike biasa saya suka mencantumkan call to action pada paragraf terakhir

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